Surplus Library Property

The  Board of  Library Trustees votes every June to authorize the library director to dispose of unwanted or unneeded items as allowed by Massachusetts General Law. [See the library’s policy below.] The law allows the library to donate items at less than fair market value to non-profit organizations. Books and other materials removed from the library collection, for example, are given to the Friends of the Seekonk Public Library  [a 501(c)(3) organization] to sell to the public. The Friends give the proceeds from these sales back to the library to pay for programs, obtain museum passes and purchase other materials. We encourage you to support the Friend’s booksale in the lobby. It’s an important source of income for the library. 

Some items such as old computer equipment,  are offered for sale at public auction. Auctioning equipment is not a import source of revenue, but it does allow the library to legally and efficiently dispose of obsolete equipment. The library has little space for storage, so getting rid of unneeded items is a priority. Both the Town of Seekonk and the library use an on-line auction service, called Municibid. You can view the items that the library has for sale on the Municibid website. All sales of surplus library property are handled through Municibid.We encourage you to browse and purchase from this site. Please email Vanessa Mota if you have questions about items offered for sale on Municibid.


The Board of Library Trustees authorizes the Library Director to dispose of surplus or unwanted property library as permitted under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 30B Section 15. The Director is also authorized to develop and enforce rules and procedures to dispose of this property.

The Board of Library Trustees shall vote at their last meeting of the fiscal year to renew this authority for the subsequent fiscal year.